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Featuring all the finest SVS engineering and technology, our Ultra Series surround sound systems bring the thrill of cinema and live music experiences home with sound quality, dynamics and styling normally reserved for the highest end systems in the world.

SVS President Gary Yacoubian talks about how an idea becomes a speaker, from theoretical design to final voicing and all the steps in between. There might also be a brownie baking analogy.

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User Reviews

Greg M. Reviews the Ultra Bookshelf Surround System

"Plays very loud and accurately. Sound to my ears is fast and musical with very good bass response. If you are auditioning bookshelf speakers under 2k your s...

James B. Reviews the Ultra Tower Surround System

"I have never heard low end precision like I heard from this system. I am hearing nuances in tracks that I didn't know existed. That is what a true listening...

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Press Reviews

LA Audio File - Kevin Nakano Reviews the Ultra Tower

"The SVS Ultra Towers are certainly one of the best sounding speakers we have heard in the sub-$2000 (per pair) category. The ability to reproduce subtle de...

Widescreen Review, Ultra Tower Surround System

"While I enjoyed the performance of the Ultra system, I’m having a hard time grappling with how a $3700 loudspeaker system (not including subwoofer) could c...

TheDroidGuy Honors SVS Ultra Tower as "Best High-End" Floorstanding Speaker

"The SVS Ultra Tower floorstanding speakers are considered by many to be the best floorstanding speakers with a three-figure price. They deliver deep and hig...

Outer Audio Reviews the Ultra Tower Surround System

"The Ultra System is not only loud but detailed and crystal clear…crossover points are smooth resulting in exceptional detail and clarity.. If you want to i...

AV Nirvana Reviews the Ultra 7.0 Surround System

"Every single Ultra Series speaker has the innate ability to step back and let the audio happen. And when played in unison, the experience is seamless. Sound...

The Master Switch Reviews the Ultra Tower

Utterly magnificent bass. Fluid and captivating articulation in the mids, with warmth and clarity to voices. Intriguing and captivating design with great ste...

HiRes Audio Central Reviews the Ultra Center Loudspeaker

"Without question the Ultra Center is a monster home theater speaker overall; in fact, it’s one of the most muscular centers I’ve heard…It delivers clean di...

TharBamar Reviews the Ultra Tower Loudspeaker

"Bass response is the best I have ever experienced in my system…scale was as big as listening to live concert, very well composed and naturally musical soun...

Z Reviews - Review of the Ultra Bookshelf

"The imaging and depth are astonishing even at high volume. Blows my mind. They have the Wow. Absolutely the best speakers I’ve heard. Period."

Reference Home Theater - Chris Heinonen Reviews the Ultra Bookshelf

“…the Ultra Bookshelf has no trouble filling a room. For $1,000 a pair it is a very impressive speaker, even when compared to those costing 50% more… Great ...

Hi Res Audio Central - Ron Goldberg Reviews the Ultra Tower

"Hats off to the SVS crew for introducing what may turn out to be a classic loudspeaker model, and making it easy to own…the Ultra Towers are among the best...

Ultra Bookshelf Receives the Audioholics 2014 Product of the Year Award

"If you’re looking for a high performance, attractive bookshelf speaker that can truly deliver on that “better than being there” experience for around $1k/p...

TheAbsoluteSound.com - Primer: Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014

"When you listen to $100k systems all day, it’s difficult to be really excited about $1k speakers. But let me tell you, these speakers, when listening in ne...

SoundstageGlobal.com - RMAF 2014: Stereo Speakers

"The flagship of the Prime line (shown here next to the larger Ultra Tower) is the Prime Tower, which costs $999/pair in matte black or $1199/pair in gloss ...

Ultra Bookshelf Receives the BestStuff.com 2014 Editors Choice Award

"Audiophiles take heed: The design, performance, and price make the SVS Ultra Bookshelf the perfect option for the last set of Bookshelf speakers you’ll eve...

Audioholics - Gene DellaSala Reviews the Ultra Bookshelf

"There is so much to like about these speakers and so little to complain about. They offer a very balanced sound, with great dynamic capabilities... the bes...

Malaysian Webzine Audiofi.net Reviews the Ultra Bookshelf

"The SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers are well-built, look slick and most importantly, sound great…The fact that they cost just under a grand a pair is quite am...

The Ultra Speakers receive Sound & Vision’s 2013 Top Pick of the Year Award.

"Web-direct speaker-maker SVS, long known for outstanding subwoofers, knocked it out of the park on sound and build quality with the high-value, full-range ...

About.com names SVS Ultra Speakers as the Best Home Theater Speakers of 2013

“… impeccably engineered, with the neutral, natural sound that serious speaker guys love. It does the delicacy/spaciousness/detail thing beautifully, and al...

The Ultra Tower Receives HomeTheaterReview.com's Best of 2013 Award

"Glossy, gorgeous, and powerful only begin to describe these Internet-direct speakers. With SVS's 45-day in-home trial option, those who are shopping in the...

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Ultra Tower Surround System
28 reviews
The ultimate surround sound experience from SVS. Sound & Vision described our Ultra Tower system like this, “Dynamics of a custom theater system, neutrality and ambience of an audiophile system. Certified and Recommended!”

$ 4,399.99 | Price reflects package savings of $200

What's Included?

  • Mains | Ultra Tower x 2
  • Surrounds | Ultra Surround x 2
  • Center | Ultra Center
  • Subwoofer | Not Included

$ 4,399.99 $ 4,599.95

Ultra Bookshelf Surround System
10 reviews
Reaching a level of design, detail, and dynamics that puts most tower speaker systems to shame, the Ultra Bookshelf Surround Sound Package features uncompromised sound quality, stunning design and flexible placement options.

$ 2,999.99 | Price reflects package savings of $200

What's Included?

  • Mains | Ultra Bookshelf x 2
  • Surrounds | Ultra Surround x 2
  • Center | Ultra Center
  • Subwoofer | Not Included

$ 2,999.99 $ 3,199.95